To an Impervious Man

by jessicagartlandn


To hell with the longing of the old,

The impermanent lusts of


Greece and Rome.


Bring me new craving


Bring me unfiltered passion


The unbroken fusion of

Mind and body.


No purely transient touch will do.


I want to tremble from breath to brain.

I want to lose consciousness

From tongue to toe,

Satisfaction through

Satiation of all-over stimulation.


No more Sex for the herd,

One on one.

No eyes,

No constraints.

All hands,

All head.


I want to redefine foundations,

I want to start fires,

I want to create


New math,

New sound.


I want to change

The physical makeup,

Exhaust every nerve in my body,

Overload my senses.


The Alpha-Omega

Of passion

To satisfy

My bodily addictions



Fast and hard

Into dreams.