Behind the Meeples: The Scofflaw Story (PT. 1)

by jessicagartlandn

Great piece on the passion of games. This one took me back.

The Impervious Scofflaw

My investigation into the popularity of board games begins here.

We’ll start from the very beginning (a very good place to start) and as close to home as I can get – my own relationship with games over the past 28 years.

The Beginning (Age 3-8)

I learned to read super early – I was reading independently by the age of three.  I mention this not to brag, but to shed some light on exactly how long stories and the written word have been a part of my worldview.

I was the kid reading by himself on the playground.   And, to a degree, I liked it that way.  Sure, I would have liked the other kids to talk to me (without making fun), but there was just something so amazing and magical about the other worlds where books transported me.

My social development took a little coaxing. Even…

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