Truly, Nothing…

by jessicagartlandn

I have nothing to say you have not heard.

I speak of  nothings I,

in cryptic Formulas with no answers,

Searching for things to reexplain

Words without meaning

Worlds without meaning

I imagine my thoughts ,

blank paper rising out of a vast sea of noise .

I open my hands to share the half of it.

You leave , empty.

What did I bring you here for, what did you come to see?

The demise of a wordsmith, no tongue for the telling.

It would be sweeter

to tell the truth

Fiction is so much easier

when there is no audience

No one expects exceptional isms  .

Have I given all my words to empty status .

To the ether

of a net, that catches nothing.

Applause, the sound of collectives

rewarding nothing

shakes the universe…..